Statute of the Polonia Music Art Foundation


1.  General provisions.

§ 1

Jarosław, hereinafter referred to as the founder of the Statute, established a notarial deed of 28/10/2016, done in the Notarial office in Kąty Wrocławskie, at ul. Market 27/1 before the notary Łukasz Słotwińskim Foundation called Polonia Music Art, hereinafter referred to as the Statutes of the Foundation, which operates under the Foundation Act of 6 April 1984. Oj. U. No. 21 Item 97 as amended) and the provisions of these statutes.

§ 2

  1. The foundation works under the name of Foundation Polonia Music Art.
  2. The seat of the foundation is Smolec.

§ 3

  1. The duration of the foundation is indeterminate.
  2. The Foundation shall have legal personality.

§ 4

  1. The foundation uses a seal whose graphic design and content will be determined by the Board of the Foundation.
  2. The foundation may use a round embossed stamp.

§ 5

  1. The Foundation operates on the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  2. The foundation may operate outside the Republic of Poland.

§ 6

The supervision of the Foundation’s activities is exercised by the Minister responsible for culture and national heritage.



2.  Objectives and principles of the foundation’s operation.

§ 7

The aim of the foundation is to support, disseminate, initiate and implement actions in the following areas:

  1. Music, with particular emphasis on the Polish emigration composers ‘ acquis;
  2. Culture and art in education and upbringing;
  3. Educational opportunities and access to culture and art;
  4. Artistic Exchange and intercultural dialogue;
  5. Support the development of artistic personality;
  6. Promote the idea of integrating young people into different cultures and origins;
  7. Promoting cultural and artistic projects.

§ 8

The Foundation shall pursue its objectives with all available means and in particular by:

  1. Organizing cultural events, with special attention to concerts, festivals, performances, music competitions, exhibitions, film screenings, happenings, etc.;
  2. Carrying out music recordings, promoting soloists and musical ensembles;
  3. Realization of notes, scores and music-themed books;
  4. Other publishing and information activities;
  5. developing, supporting and implementing modern forms of communication and new media, including using modern communication tools, applications, social media, etc.;
  6. The provision of direct and indirect financial, physical, organisational and substantive assistance and the creation of conditions for support in the areas indicated in § 7;
  7. Grants;
  8. Supporting and organising trainings, workshops, meetings, conferences, fairs etc., which aim to develop the areas listed in § 7;
  9. Organizing studies, conferences, meetings and discussions in the areas covered by the Foundation’s activities;
  10. Dissemination of information, knowledge and achievements in the areas covered by § 7;
  11. Cooperation with local and regional administrations, national and international bodies, as well as formal and informal, national and international organisations to support and develop the areas listed in § 7;
  12. Cooperation with natural and legal persons with an interest in the objectives of the Foundation;
  13. Pursuit of activities in support of the development of organizations, institutions and establishments operating in the areas listed in § 7;
  14. To collect the resources needed to achieve the foundation’s objective;
  15. Dissemination of knowledge about the objectives of the foundation through the media.

§ 9

The Foundation’s statutory objectives are pursued through the operation of free and paid public benefit. The decision on the scope of the activity of paid and unpaid foundation shall be taken by the Board of the Foundation in the form of a resolution.



3.  Property of the foundation.

§ 10

  1. property of the foundation is the founding fund of 500 zł (five hundred zlotys), specified in the Notarial deed establishing the foundation and property assets acquired during the foundation’s operation.
  2. The revenue of the foundation comes from:
    • Donations, records, inheritances from natural and legal persons, domestic and foreign;
    • public recollection measures;
    • Grants and subsidies and grant contests;
    • Interest, deposits and bank deposits;
    • Activities of paid public benefit;
    • Other przysporzeń of property.

§ 11

After obtaining the appropriate permits, the foundation may have accounts abroad, use the services of foreign financial institutions as well as commissioning the interests of companies and foreign persons.

§ 12

The fiscal year is a calendar year.



4.  Authorities of the foundation.

§ 13

The Foundation’s body is the board of the Foundation.

§ 14

The first President of the board is the founder of the statute.

§ 15

The Board of the Foundation shall appoint the founder by means of a resolution for an indefinite period. The Board of the Foundation consists of 1-3 members of the board including the president. The founder may revoke the board member.

§ 16

The decisions of the Management Board shall be by majority vote in the presence of at least half of the members. In the event of a tie, the vote of the President shall prevail.

§ 17

Declarations of intent on behalf of the foundation in property and non-financial matters shall be composed by the Chairman of the board himself or two members of the Board acting jointly.

§ 18

Members of the Board of the Foundation shall be remunerated and reimbursed the necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their activities to the foundation under the principles and amounts set out in the resolution of the Management Board.

§ 19

Members of the Board of the Foundation who provide permanent work for the foundation may be employed in it. The employment agreement of the Board member shall be signed by the Executive Board of the delegate.



5.  Final provisions.

§ 20

Amendments to the statutes may not concern substantial changes in the objectives of the Foundation. The decision to amend the Statute and liquidate the Foundation shall take the board of the Foundation unanimously.

§ 21

  1. The Foundation shall be liquidated if the purpose for which it was established has been achieved or if the funds and assets of the foundation have been exhausted.
  2. In the event of the liquidation of the foundation before the exhaustion of its assets, all other components of this property shall be transferred to another social organization fulfilling objectives similar to those contained in this Statute.
  3. After the death of his founder, his powers will be performed by the foundation’s board.

§ 22

The statutes shall enter into force on the date of registration of the foundation in the National Court register.